Is it difficult? Yes.     Is it impossible? No.

why to be the first on Google

  • first place where we look for information
  • generate more visits to your website
  • increase your customers number
o primeiro nos resultados de pesquisa Google Local NM SIGN

case study

CSOutdoors - OOH

Being first in Google searches is what everyone with a website or online store pretends to have. You may think that your product is like hundreds or thousands around you and it seems impossible to accomplish.

To prove you that nothing is impossible, I chose CSOutdoors - a company dedicated to billboards renting from north to south of the country - to show the results on google.

I won't tell you the methods, because that research is top secret, but I can tell you that we have to know exactly what the costumers of our internet products or services search. Real concrete data and reliable information, for sure. Based on a very detailed analysis, among maaaaaaaaaaaaany of other strong features, we developed the website.

In CSOutdoors case, I noticed that one of the Google's search term (keywords) is Outdoors + name of the place, for example “Outdoors lisboa”, “Outdoors porto”...

When I realised that, we work out that datas and the results became great – we are very proud of them, indeed.

what mr. Google tells us when we search...

  • outdoors lisboa
    1º place
    in 16 500 000 results
  • outdoors porto
    1ª place
    in 48 900 000 results
  • outdoors
    3º place
    in 5 480 000 000 results
i want to be the first on google