website | backoffice

management solution for hotel and local accommodation

  • custom website
  • intuitive backoffice
  • reservations and direct payments on the website
  • synchronization with other platforms
Hotel and Local Accommodation Management Solution NM SIGN

case study

Quinta do Troviscal

Quinta do Troviscal is a rural tourism house located in one of the most beautiful Portugal's lakes waters – Castelo do Bode dam

I chose Quinta do Troviscal as a Case Study for the following reasons:
.demystify the idea that only big local accommodation – lot of rooms, space and apartments – have a pay-off website with its own reservations service;
.to show that regardless the geographic location of each space, the solution I present generates many visits.
Again, a greater number of visits to the site, means more booking reservations.

right, but what about the plus value

promote my hotel or Local Accommodation